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United States Yearbooks, Commemorative & Definitive Sets

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Play Ball! is the perfect keepsake for both baseball fans and stamp enthusiasts. The 8½” x 11”, 40-page softbound book is filled with the vivid paintings of artist Graig Kreindler, whose extraordinarily detailed work captures our national pastime's biggest icons in action. The issuances included in this product are: The 2001 Legendary Playing Fields (10), the 2010 Negro Leagues Baseball (2), and the 2012 Major League Baseball All-Stars (4) stamps.
USPS Presents: Play Ball! (2012 Soft-cover)
Discover the fascinating process of bringing the full magic of Disney to a space the size of a postage stamp. This unique book comes with all 20 The Art of Disney stamps and a special Walt Disney stamp issued in 1968. All stamps are MINT and include mounts. A true collector’s treasure!
The Art of Disney Stamps (Hardcover)
Book with Stamps & Mounts $49.99
Unlock the mysteries of the universe. This colorful children's book takes kids on a journey through space, where they'll discover secrets of the cosmos. Includes 5 Inside Outer Space stamps and a special holograph envelope.
Inside Outer Space:
A collection of US Postage Stamps
This year, the US Postal Service's commemorative stamp program honors heroes--not only the kind who wear costumes and fight crime, but also the ones who help to fulfill America's potential. From an impressive cast of cultural icons that includes Benjamin Franklin, baseball sluggers, and distinguished diplomats to such varied creations as motorcycles and quilts, the 2006 yearbook showcases a wide range of subjects from the worlds of nature, sicence, sports, entertainment, and public service.
USPS 2006 Yearbook (Hardcover)
$78.99 Includes Stamps & Mounts
This years book features legendary figures such as Ronald Reagan and Arthur Ashe to awe-inspiring creations such as skyscrapers and sports cars, the 2005 stamps showcase a variety of subjects. This new edition yearbook offers insight into the development of each stamp as the men and women behind the commemorative program bring it to life.
USPS 2005 Yearbook (Hardcover)
$78.99 Includes Stamps & Mounts
USPS 2012 Yearbook (Hardcover)
2012 Book only $32.99
2012 Book, includes 94
Stamps & Mounts $71.99
Mounts here are CLEAR ONLY
Featuring collectible stamps and information about stamps issued by the U.S. Postal Service in 2012, this Stamp Yearbook is an ideal gift for stamp collectors and enthusiasts. The stamps of 2012 celebrate a rich patchwork of American life—from poets and choreographers to national pastimes and cultural celebrations. Full of intriguing stories, stunning imagery, and exciting new features,The 2012 Stamp Yearbook is the perfect way to save and enjoy the year's program.
This 76-page hardcover book features a new section for High Value stamps and Access to digital extras showcasing multimedia content
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USPS 2013 Yearbook (Hardcover)
2013 Book only $32.99
2013 Book, includes 87
Stamps & Mounts $71.99
The 2013 Stamp Yearbook showcases the moments and subjects that define American life: historic milestones, modern art, iconic musicians, and many more. Immerse yourself in the stories surrounding this year's stamps - and celebrate our nation's culture - with this comprehensive yearbook.

Designed to showcase the actual stamps themselves, the 64-page hardcover book is filled with beautiful imagery, fascinating stories, and placeholders throughout the pages for mounting and preserving the stamps. Also included are 87 stamps from the collectible program, plus mounts.

Due to information not available at time of publication press, Harry Potter stamps and mount are not included in the 2013 Stamp Yearbook.
You would have to purchase separately.
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Harry Potter
USPS 2015 Yearbook (Hardcover)
Distinguished authors, legendary entertainers, historic milestones. The 2015 stamp program reflects those moments and people that define American life. Relive the year in stamps - and celebrate our nation’s culture - with The 2015 Stamp Yearbook. The 64-page hardcover book is filled with beautiful imagery, fascinating stories, and placeholders throughout the pages for affixing and preserving the stamps.

Included are 64 stamps from the Collectible program and 50 stamps from the Mail Use program plus mounts.
2015 Book only $74.99
2015 Book, includes 114
Stamps & Mounts $104.99
The Grandest Things (Hardcover)
This is the 116–page book, The Grandest Things: Our National Parks in Words, Images, and Stamps.

The Grandest Things explores how our national park system began, the changes it has endured, and the astounding array of sites it includes — all through breathtaking images and historic stamps.

This 116–page book includes:

   ** A history of America’s national parks, illustrated by stamps and other fascinating memorabilia

    ** A visual tour of over 75 parks, monuments, memorials, and more

    ** A special collecting section complete with stamp placeholders and background information

    ** Plus, nine mint stamps with mounts — including the 1972 Old Faithful, Yellowstone stamp