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Lunar New Year: Year of the Dog
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Love Flourishes
Love Flourishes is the latest stamp in the Love series. The stamp art features a fanciful garden of colorful flowers surrounding the word “Love.”
The Year of the Dog stamp is the 11th of 12 stamps in the Celebrating Lunar New Year series. The Year of the Dog begins Feb. 16, 2018, and ends Feb. 4, 2019.
Meyer Lemons
The Meyer Lemons stamp is a new 2-cent definitive stamp that features a whole Meyer lemon next to two wedges of the cut fruit. The illustrations were created with pen and ink and watercolor. Art director Derry Noyes designed the stamp with an existing illustration by John Burgoyne.
Byodo-In Temple Priority Mail
This Priority Mail stamp features a colorful illustration of the Byodo-In Temple, a popular tourist attraction in Hawaii. A smaller-scale concrete replica of a wooden Buddhist temple in Japan, the Byodo-In Temple is located in a private cemetery on the island of O‘ahu. Built in 1968 to commemorate the centennial of the first Japanese immigration to Hawaii, the temple is used for ceremonies, services, and events such as classes and concerts. Art director Greg Breeding designed this stamp with original art by Dan Cosgrove.
Sleeping Bear Dunes Express Mail
With this new Priority Mail Express stamp, the U.S. Postal Service celebrates the Sleeping Bear Dunes, which take their name from a Native American legend. Rising 450 feet above Lake Michigan, the dunes are the highest perched dunes in the Great Lakes region and are protected within Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The stamp art celebrates the grandeur and serene natural beauty of the dunes and surrounding park. Dune grasses mark the beach in the foreground, as gulls dive and soar in the breeze. Art director Greg Breeding designed the stamp with original art by Dan Cosgrove.
Lena Horne
The 41st issuance in the Black Heritage series honors the achievements of legendary performer and civil rights activist Lena Horne (1917–2010). Remembered as one of America’s great interpreters of popular songs, Horne also was a trailblazer in Hollywood for women of color. She used her personal elegance, charisma and fame to become an important spokesperson for civil rights.
US Flag
For more than half a century, U.S. stamps have depicted the American flag in vivid red, white and blue. This eye-catching new issuance continues that tradition with a striking graphic design of a flag with two crisp folds.
Bioluminescent Life
This issuance celebrates the phenomenon of bioluminescence — the ability of some species to glow — with a pane of 20 stamps featuring 10 life-forms that create their own light.
Illinois Statehood
This stamp celebrates the 200th anniversary of Illinois statehood. Known as the Prairie State, Illinois became the 21st state of the union on Dec. 3, 1818.
Mister Rogers
Fred Rogers (1928–2003) was known as a beloved television neighbor to generations of children. His groundbreaking public television series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood inspired and educated young viewers with warmth, sensitivity and honesty.
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STEM Education
These Forever stamps celebrate the role of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in keeping our nation a global leader in innovation. Designed to pique the curiosity of the viewer, each of these four stamps features a collage of faces, symbols, drawings and numbers that represent the complexity and interconnectedness of the STEM disciplines.
Peace Rose
Peace Rose celebrates one of the most popular roses of all time. The peace rose revolutionized hybrid tea roses with its unique coloring, hardiness, and disease resistance.
Astronaut Sally Ride
America’s first woman in space, Sally Ride (1951–2012), inspired the nation as a pioneering astronaut, brilliant physicist and dedicated educator.
Flag Act of 1818
With this stamp, the Postal Service marks the 200th anniversary of the Flag Act of 1818, which gave us the basic design of the current American flag: 13 stripes symbolizing the original 13 colonies and one star for each state in the union.
Frozen Treats
Frozen Treats features frosty, colorful icy pops on a stick. The tasty, sweet confections come in a variety of shapes and flavors.
United States Airmail BLUE
On the 100th anniversary of the beginning of regular airmail service, this stamp celebrates the courage of the pioneering airmail carriers and the foresight of those who fostered the new service and made it a success.
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