Here are two parts of ERNI Mildew Stain Remover--each contain 250ml.
ERNI A and ERNI B remove mildew stains from stamps. ERNI A disinfects and ERNI B is used as a rinse. These are suitable for used stamps only. Stamps should not have gum or hinges when using ERNI Mildew Stain Remover.

Instructions for use:
For the removal of mildew stains you need to prepare three trays ERNI A (purple) in tray 1, ERNI B in tray 2, and water in tray 3. It is of course important to prove that the stains you whish to remove have been caused by mildew.

Place the used stamp, which should be free of gum and hinge, in the tray containing ERNI A. After about 3 minutes take the stamp out and when free from drips place in tray containing ERNI B. After 3 minutes place in tray 3 which contains water and rinse. Let stamp dry naturally.

It is not recommended that ERNI is used for stamps sensitive to water of where colors may run. The stamp when placed in ERNI A will take on a brown color but this will disappear when placed in ERNI B.

ERNI A and ERNI B must not be mixed or thinned. After use the used solution should be washed away with water--do not put unused solution back into original containers.
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