2018 Edition:
Canada Unitrade
The 2018 Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps (by Unitrade)
The ultimate reference for Canadian stamp collectors. Provinces listed. Most varieties listed. Also includes FDC, blocks and postal stationery. Featuring the established Scott numbering System. Full color spiral-bound book, measuring 8 x 11.

Editor: D. Robin Harris

Complete Canada and BNA listing
Listing of the BNA colonies: British Columbia & Vancouver Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland
Current market prices, by grade, in Canadian funds
Scott Catalogue numbers
Complete Booklets
First Day Covers
Postal Stationery
Booklet panes
Canada Post souvenir articles
Definitive stamp identifier

Here are some highlights:

Computer Vended Postage listings expanded
Rarity factors of New Brunswick numeral cancellations added
Continues to add more images of specific varieties (when made available to us)
Continues to have consistency throughout the listings (this will continue with future editions) and correct the annoying typographical errors (some of which have been around for many years!).
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